Cyclists 2020


Quentin Guyot

Quentin is a political science and international relations student in Belgium. In his free time, Quentin is also a professional photographer. 


Curiosity and the thirst for adventure constantly drive me to explore new places and other cultures around the world. With this in mind, the idea to cycle across Europe is an ideal opportunity to take up a new challenge. Also, I am delighted that our cycling project can contribute to help children in need, in Lebanon. It will be a source of motivation all along our adventure.

Eléonore Rubbers

Eléonore just finished her specialisation in endodontology as a dentistry student, in Belgium. 


My great interest in the natural world and sports drive me to explore the remote parts of the world. As a cycling enthusiast, this project across Europe is a challenge that I have dreamt of taking on for a long time. In addition, knowing that our project will benefit others clearly further motivates me to pedal all these long kilometres.

Rodolphe van Hövell

Rodolphe recently graduated in near and middle eastern studies from SOAS, in London. He is now working in European Affairs in Brussels.


After having done quite a few cycling trips around the world, I clearly liked the idea to add a charity aspect to this new project. As it introduces a new dimension to an adventure, bringing a real personal added value for the cyclists and most importantly, as it helps young men in Lebanon. Lebanon on wheels is the perfect framework for such a winning combination. 


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Benita Ukert

Benita is a third year student in Middle Eastern Studies and Politics at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. After she finished High School in Germany, she was a part of the Caravan project.


I lived in Lebanon from August 2016 until June 2017. During this time, I got to know all the guests and built personal relationships with them. I am really excited to be part of Lebanon on Wheels V and I cannot wait to start cycling.

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Antonius Maes

Antonius recently began studying Economics and Social Sciences in Vienna.


I joined the last two German summer camps in Chabrouh and got to know the guests really well. This experience had a profound effect on me. After all the stories I’ve heard from the last cyclists I’m really looking forward to this challenge and can’t wait to see all the guests again!

Cyclists 2019


Mivida Bou Assi

Mivida has been involved with different volunteering projects in Lebanon since she was a young child. She currently studies her masters degree in Human Rights in Vienna.


I’m extremely excited about the prospect of cycling this July, knowing it’ll bring a huge contribution to the education of our amazing guests! The fact that I haven’t cycled for long or short distances makes this a daunting challenge, especially as cycling in Lebanon is often considered as extreme as bungee jumping. Regardless, focusing on our target and the main goal will certainly help me pull through!

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Alexandra Lichaa
Alex has been a volunteer in the Chabrouh camps for 5 years now, and studies speech therapy at the Lebanese university.
I decided to join Lebanon on Wheels in 2019 because I saw how the contributions of the past years have impacted the lives of our friends in Deir el Salib. Although it's going to be a tremendous challenge both physically and mentally, I am sure my will to help the guests will keep me going !

Diane Moussa

Diane works full-time with the Order of Malta in Lebanon on the CARAVAN project, and is also very implicated in a range of activities undertaken by the Order.


I admire the work of the Order a great deal and I think what it does is especially important given the conditions that people with disabilities in Lebanon face on a daily basis. More importantly, I am delighted to be a part of it. Cycling for almost 1,000km won’t be easy but having a beautiful cause in mind will make everything better and I am looking forward to this amazing experience!


Teresa La Rosee

Teresa studied a BA in German and International Relations at Leeds University in England and has been going to the German summer camps in Lebanon for the past three years.


I have cherished my time with the guests. Lebanon on Wheels represents a great challenge for me. Nonetheless, I very much look forward to taking it on and can’t wait to get on the road!

Philippa Solf

Philippa is a student International Relations and History at LSE, in London.


Following in the footsteps of my brothers and sisters, I went to Lebanon last summer to participate in the summer camps and had a truly amazing experience. Lebanon on Wheels represents an immense physical challenge for me but I am confident the vision of the project will continue to motivate me!

Cyclists 2018


Antoine Breteau​​​

Antoine studies Classics at UCL in London and was a member of the CARAVAN project in 2018.


 On my gap year, I had the opportunity to live in Beirut and to take part in the caravan project with the Order of Malta. I moved to Lebanon in January of 2018 and visited three homes on a weekly basis. In that time I built many personal relationships with the guests in the homes and this made me very passionate about helping Toufic, Abbas and Ahmad who I have gotten to know so well.

Luke Pitman

Luke studies Engineering at Oxford University.


My main passion is sport and I greatly enjoyed the physical dimension of this challenge. Meeting the three boys who we raised money for once I arrived in Lebanon was a particular highlight. It was amazing to complete the trip and see the impact we were lucky enough to have on these three boys, helping them out in their day to day lives.


Aloys von Hohenzollern ​​​

When I took on the Lebanon on Wheels, I was on a gap year doing as many internships and odd jobs as possible.  I joined the German summer camp in Lebanon in 2017 for the first time with John Warrender. I am looking forward to seeing all the guests again and to spending another month with them!

​​John Warrender​

I am currently studying German and Politics, at Edinburgh University. I spent a month in Lebanon in 2017, which had a profound effect on me. This motivated me to take on the Lebanon on Wheels with my friend Aloys.

Cyclists 2017


Hans Gottman

I am currently serving in the German  Army and stationed in Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria. 
Moritz and I decided to spend the summer after finishing school cycling from Bonn to Athens. Although I had only heard of the Lebanon Project and the guests through stories from friends, I was inspired to take on the challenge. 
After 28 days of cycling, I flew to Beirut for one month to meet the guests, which made me see that every drop of sweat that I had shed had been worth it.

Moritz Girg

Hans and I decided to take on the Lebanon on Wheels together as we were school friends looking for a real challenge after our end of year exams and our graduation from secondary school. Cycling together was a fantastic experience and I recently had the opportunity to take part in the camps in the easter of 2019.  

Frank Gottman

In the summer of 2017, I had the pleasure of spontaneously joining the Lebanon on Wheels Team, after one of the team wasn’t able to continue. I accompanied my son Hans, from Bologna to Brindisi. The Italian heat was incredibly demanding, but we had a unique father-son trip for a good purpose, that i didn’t want to miss.

Cyclists 2016


Auguste Breteau ​​​

The idea of cycling to Lebanon to raise money started in the Chabrouh summer camps around a beer with the idea of driving from London to Lebanon. After talking about it with George who had cycled the west coast of Italy that summer, we decided that cycling across Europe was realistic. We wanted to fundraise for an aspect of Project Karim, to provide care for our friends throughout the year. We set out in July 2016 from London and our travels took us along the Rhine, over the Alps, down the east coast of Italy to Greece and finally to Beirut.

George Varley

I cycled from London to Athens with my great friend Auguste during a University summer (2016). With very little innate athleticism, the project was always going to be the driving factor for me. It was amazing knowing that we had something to aim for that so far extended beyond our burning thighs!