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Antoine, Aloys, Luke and John: We have some questions?!

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Team I: Luke & Antoine; Team II: John & Aloys
Team I: Luke & Antoine; Team II: John & Aloys

These four guys are preparing to go on a 2000 km journey on a bike. Are they preparing?

Luke, Antoine, Aloys and John - we have a few questions:

What motivated you to join the tour?

Luke: Antoine told me about the project when we were sitting in the Bronx bar in Lourdes while on pilgrimage with the OMV last Summer. It not only sounded like an amazingly worthwhile cause but also enormous fun. I am always up for a physical challenge too.

Aloys: I knew Hans Gottmann and Moritz Girg before doing the project last year. When Hans finally presented his tour and what an awesome time he had, I thought to myself that I won’t get another chance to do something like this any time soon. Since I fell in love with the camp in Chabrouh in Lebanon, I realised that this could be a way of giving back to the Order of Malta and to Lebanon, what they gave me.

Why do you want to support education for handicapped people in Lebanon?

John: I think it is very important not take what one has for granted, and to help people in very different circumstances to one’s own.

Antoine: Homes for the disabled in Lebanon are often overcrowded and understaffed and some of the disabled do not even have the opportunity to go outside. Providing education gives them an opportunity to escape their daily life and makes sure they are not neglected.

Aloys: When I joined the camp and everything started to begin with the guests, I realised that I am not only very lucky to have been growing up in a family which was able to give me everything I needed. I realised that we live in the western bubble in which it is normal to have a proper education, good medical care and benefits such as those. In a huge part of the rest of the world however it is not normal to benefit of all those things.

Are you a passionate cyclist?

John: No, not really but slowly becoming one.

Antoine: I only see my bike for two weeks a year.

Luke: I have never really spent much time cycling but I am toying with the idea of getting involved in some triathlon this Summer. Either way I think this will be a great test.

Aloys: No, not at all. In the summer I use it to get to work but that’s all really.

How should the perfect bike look like for you?

John: Should be light and comfortable, with enough space for the things I need.

Luke: I spent a lot of time choosing the bike I will be using on the trip with some help from my godfather who has done a similar trip before. We came to the conclusion that although the perfect bike would be light and fast, we would need something more robust and with space for all our kit for this trip.

How are you preparing yourself for the exhausting journey?

John: I’m training on a regular basis and building up my stamina.

Antoine: I am running up and down the hills in Lebanon.

Luke: I am playing University sport and training for a triathlon.

Aloys: I am cycling to work every day and I started to go to the gym on a regular basis to join the spinning classes - which I totally love...

What are you afraid of?

Antoine: Spending a whole month with one person.

Aloys: I am pretty sure that John and I are going to fall out several times. That however should only bond us even more. What I am really afraid of is, that we have no clue how it feels like to cycle 100km a day for about 30 days straight, until we actually finished our journey.

What are you excited about?

John: Discovering a part of Europe that I don’t really know and having the freedom of being on a bike.

Antoine: Being completely independent and for the physical challenge.

Luke: I am excited about seeing Europe as we pass through it and I am relishing the physical challenge.

Aloys: I am very excited to discover parts of Europe which are not really the places someone would go to in their spare time - such as the area around Kosovo.

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