Lebanon on Wheels V is supporting seven of our friends with education, Tony, Rached, Ayman, Ghattas, Elie, Fady and Charbel. These young men live in Beirut and we want to ensure that they continue their education, especially at a time when Lebanon is facing an incredibly serious financial crisis, compounded by the coronavirus pandemic.
The aim of the project is to provide these seven young men, from a range of homes across Beirut, with a tailored education which isn’t available to them in the home. Their schooling is ensured by 8 teachers and includes a psychologist, physical education, a music teacher as well as a theatre teacher. The cost of the school is $1000 per person per year and our goal is to secure their visits there for the next two years.
Therefore we aim to collect $14,000 through the efforts of Rodolphe, Quentin, Eléonore as well as Benita and Antonius.
In light of the current situation in Lebanon we have decided to safeguard a part of the fundraising of this year’s Lebanon on Wheels to cover the costs of urgent needs in the homes. From now on 50% of the donations will be used for direct aid in the homes and 50% to finance the schooling of the 7 friends.
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Deutsche Assoziation des Malteser Ordens

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Pax Bank Köln


A donation receipt can be provided to you by the Order of Malta upon request. It will be posted to those donors who provide their full address in the ‘purpose’ cluster of the transaction.

Thank you for your support!

It is a massive help and gives us all motivation to keep cycling. Most importantly, it makes all the difference for our friends in the homes in Lebanon!