Lebanon on Wheels IV has the potential to bring a life-changing opportunity to four of our friends, Moussa, Yamen, Joewy and Oussama. These young boys live in Deir el Salib, a home for handicapped people run by the Sisters of the Cross in Beirut, Lebanon.
Our aim is to provide them with lessons given by a special ‘in-house tutor’ who will come directly to their home,  as their limited mobility prevents them from joining their peers.
€5000 are needed per year to make this happen for one year.
Moussa, Yamen, Joewy and Oussama are boys with lots of potential and talent. At their age, they are capable of learning a huge amount and need to benefit from a tailored education. This chance must not be taken away from them due to a lack of funding. Thanks to your donation, not only the childhood but the whole life of our friends can be greatly improved.
Therefore we aim to collect €15,000 through the efforts of Diane, Alex, Mivida as well as Teresa and Philippa.
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Please use ‘Lebanon on Wheels’ as a reference upon your donation to the following account:

Deutsche Assoziation des Malteser Ordens

IBAN: DE82 3706 0193 0030 1470 22


Pax Bank Köln


A donation receipt can be provided to you by the Order of Malta upon request. It will be posted to those donors who provide their full address in the ‘purpose’ cluster of the transaction.

Thank you for your support!

It is a motivation for Alex, Diane and Mivida as well as Philippa and Theresa but most importantly it makes all the difference for our friends in the homes in Lebanon! 

Lebanon on Wheels is supporting the Karim Project, a project of the Lebanon Project of the Community of the Young Maltese, Germany and the Youth of the Order of Malta, Lebanon

Project Leader:

Auguste Breteau| augustebreteau@gmail.com | +44 7889 073622

Head of Project Karim:

Adelheid von Soden | adelheid.soden@libanonprojekt.de |+49 163 1768 256


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