About Lebanon on Wheels

Help make a difference by donating now and supporting Lebanon on Wheels V !


Lebanon on Wheels V has the potential to bring a life-changing opportunity to seven of our friends, Tony, Rached, Ayman, Ghattas, Elie, Fady and Charbel. These young men live in Antelias and Deir el Salib, a home for handicapped people in Beirut, Lebanon.


Our aim is to provide  these seven young men, from a range of homes across Beirut, with a tailored education which isn’t available to them in the home. Their schooling is ensured by 8 teachers and includes a psychologist, physical education, a music teacher as well as a theater Teacher. The cost of the school is $1000 per person per year and our goal is to secure their visits there for the next two years.


To achieve this, Lebanon on Wheels is back and needs your help ! This year, two teams will be taking on the cycling challenge. First, Eleonore Rubbers, Quentin Guyot and Rodolphe van Hovell will be cycling over 2000 kilometres from Budapest to Luxembourg. They will then be relayed by Benitau Uckert and Antonius Maes who will cycle some 3000 kilometres from Hamburg to Bucharest.


The hope is that the physical challenge will engender support from friends, families and all those who hear about the boys’ situations. The journey entails spending over two months on bicycles with a distance of approximately between two and a half to three thousand kilometers each or a total of some 5,000 kilometres.


Tony, Rached, Ayman, Ghattas, Elie, Fady and Charbel aren´t given the care or support which they deserve. The homes have few public funds at their disposal and as a consequence most of the institutions are overcrowded and have trouble finding suitable personnel. The nuns and caretakers work with huge amounts of love, endless energy and ensure that the key elements of day to day life are accomplished (feeding, washing, diaper changing and so on). They truly are modern day heroes.

Most importantly, Lebanon is currently experiencing one of the most serious economic and financial crises in its history. The situation has been exacerbated by the outbreak of the coronavirus. In such a situation, the fate of the weakest is often overlooked. 
This is a particularly difficult time for our friends in the homes. Not only are they suffering from the fact that they have no visitors, no therapies or holiday camps at the moment, but their basic care is also at risk. The price of medicines, diapers and other care items has already doubled in recent weeks and many relatives can no longer bring their usual monthly nappy and care packages to the homes. The sisters face the immense challenge of continuing to care for the physical and mental well-being of their protégés in this crisis situation.
Following the tremendous success of the last four years, it is clear that our friends in Lebanon are brimming with potential and talent. At their age, they are very capable of learning a huge amount and benefit from a tailored education. This chance must not be taken away from them due to a lack of funding. Thanks to your donation, not only the childhood but the whole life of our friends can be greatly improved. 
Please do help us in any way you can, be that by donating, promoting Lebanon on Wheels or offering a meal or a shower to the cyclists along the way. Every little helps and reaching out means a lot to us.
Thank you. 
Quentin, Eleonore, Rodolphe, Antonius & Benita.