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Lebanon is currently experiencing one of the most serious economic and financial crises in its history. The situation is being exacerbated by the outbreak of the coronavirus.
In such a situation, the fate of the weakest is often overlooked. 

This is a particularly difficult time for our friends in the homes. Not only are they suffering from the fact that they have no visitors, no therapies or holiday camps at the moment, but their basic care is also at risk. The price of medicines, diapers and other care items has already doubled in recent weeks and many relatives can no longer bring their usual monthly nappy and care packages to the homes. The sisters face the immense challenge of continuing to care for the physical and mental well-being of their protégés in this crisis situation.

We are working at full stretch to support the homes in the difficult supply situation. There is a shortage of medicines, diapers, hygiene articles and underwear in particular. 

We are also hoping to start our different kinds of therapy (schooling, physiotherapy, ergotherapy) again as soon as possible. Such therapies help the guests both mentally and physically and additionally provide a certain relief to the sisters and caretakers. 

With a donation, we can quickly send direct aid to our long-standing friends in Lebanon who are associated with the project, so that the necessary measures can be taken on-site.

More about the project: The Lebanon Project is a project of the international Community of Young Maltese, people who serve people with disabilities on site. Every year young people from all over Europe spend their summer in Lebanon to spend holidays in the mountains with these people who live in homes during the year. These weeks are about giving each of these 'guests' a unique holiday week full of attention and love in a one-to-one care. 

Education for disabled people in Lebanon.


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Lebanon on Wheels is supporting the Karim Project, a project of the Lebanon Project of the Community of the Young Maltese, Germany and the Youth of the Order of Malta, Lebanon

Project Leader:

Auguste Breteau| | +44 7889 073622

Head of Project Karim:

Adelheid von Soden | |+49 163 1768 256


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